Tayvallich Primary School and ELC

Supporting all of Our Children

In our school, we are committed to ensuring that we support the needs of all children in the right way and at the right time. All children will have needs that vary over time and every child may need a little more support from adults at certain times on their education journey – for example if they have challenges with their numeracy, literacy or self-regulation, if they have been ill, or if their family has gone through a tough time. Some children will need extra support for longer periods of time and we work within the Getting It Right For Every Child Model and the principles of Staged Intervention and Child Planning to address this. (You can find out more about Staged Intervention on page 20 of our handbook here).

If you feel that you child needs extra support at any time, the first important step is to contact Mrs Carter. We can then explore this further and work out how all the adults in your child’s life can work together to help your child to thrive, both now and in the future.

If your child has a previously-identified support need, we will use Child Planning to review the supports in place and make sure that they are still what your child needs.

We are very lucky that there are brilliant resources available to us, both online and from specialist teams, to help us help our children.

You can access some of these by using the buttons below. If you know of more fantastic resources, please let Mrs Carter know so that she can add them.