Tayvallich Primary School and ELC

About our setting

The main school building houses classrooms for the P5-7 and P1-4 pupils, a dining room/general purpose space and a space for personalised learning activities for individual pupils.

Our current school role is 19 pupils from Primary 1 to 7. We have 9 pupils in the P1-4 class and 10 pupils in the P5-7 class.

The school is surrounded by a tarmac playground as well as two grassy areas. We are very lucky to have access at lunchtimes to the adjacent public play park as well as local woodlands and coastal areas for outdoor learning opportunities.

Our purpose built Early Years building opened in August 2014, and comprises a large indoor learning space with direct access to its own outdoor learning environment. We currently have 2 children learning with us in the ELC.

The school day

ELC hours: 9.00am -3.00pm Mon-Friday

Primary hours: 09:00am – 3:15pm Mon-Friday

Opening 9am

Morning interval 10.30-10.45am

Lunch 12 noon – 12.45pm

Afternoon interval 2.00-2.15pm

Closing 3.15pm

Our Staff  (correct as of April 2024)

Mrs Lena Carter – Head Teacher

Mrs Maxine Rowe – Principal Teacher and Class Teacher P1 to 4 (Thursday and Friday)

Miss Rebecca Forgrieve – Class Teacher P5 to 7 (Monday to Thursday lunchtime)

Mrs Marie Dixon – Class Teacher P5 to 7 (Thursday afternoon, Friday) and Class Teacher P1 to 4 (Tuesday, Wednesday)

Mrs Lesley Goodwin – P1 to 4 Class Teacher (Monday)

Mrs Zelda Mes – Classroom Assistant

Mrs Lisa Briggs – Clerical Assistant

Mrs Ailsa Mehaffey – ASN Assistant

Mrs Eileen MacKinnon – Childcare and Education Worker

Mrs Iona Dunlop – Classroom Assistant (ELC)

Mr Peter Mitchell – Janitor/Cleaner Catering manager

Ms Martine Law – Health and Wellbeing Family Liaison Officer (occasional)

Tayvallich Primary school