Tayvallich Primary School and ELC

Parent Council Garden Tidy

Many thanks indeed to all of the parents, pupils, ex-pupils and other volunteers who helped with this year’s Parent Council garden tidy. It was wonderful to have sunshine for the event and to see how much was achieved, including:
  • plant beds tidied and prepared for this year’s growing
  • plants removed that might hurt children when they are playing outside
  • new benches (purchased by the parent council) assembled and positioned
  • ground prepared for assembly of the new shelters also purchased by the parent council
  • general tidying and removal of old and damaged items
  • assembly of our new basket ball hoop
  • willow dens pruned and woven (with Mrs Carter learning some useful techniques from the experts!)
The pictures show how busy everyone was and we are also very grateful to those who could not make this session due to work or other commitments but have helped out in other ways and at other times to make sure that the children can have fantastic play and outdoor learning opportunities moving forward.