Welcome to Tayvallich Primary School!

We are a small friendly school, with lots going on.

Tayvallich Primary School is situated near the shore of Loch Sween on the Argyll coast of Scotland. At Tayvallich Primary School we pride ourselves on having a welcoming ethos and a strong partnership between staff, pupils and parents.


Our website is in the process of being refreshed and updated; please bear with us for now.

September 2022.


Our staff:

Mrs Carter: Head teacher

Principal Teacher - vacancy

Mrs Dixon: P1-3 Class Teacher

Miss Fraser: P4-7 Class Teacher

Mr Maddox: Outdoor Learning Teacher, Wednesday

Mrs Floyd : PE Teacher, Monday afternoon

Mrs Mehaffey: Classroom Assistant and ASN Assistant

Mrs Nelson: Clerical Assistant

Mrs MacKinnon: Education and Childcare Worker ELC Unit

Mrs MacLean: ELC Classroom Assistant

Mrs Wilson: ELC Classroom Assistant

Mr Mitchell: Catering assistant and janitor/cleaner